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Collagen-Lift-Drink with L-Lysine

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Collagen-Lift-Drink with L-Lysine 400 g black currant

Perfect lifting! Quick as never before!

Our Collagen-Lift-Drink is absolutely a beauty product par excellence. But sometimes time seems to be endless if we wait for a result of this product and we have to exercise patience. Last time you got a little phial with our activator for fee. So many customers told us about the great effect of the drink plus activator. This is why we decided to put this activator directly into the powder of the drink. In this way you have a much more intensive effect of it. Every day.
This drink is a cosmetical miracle and is very effective. We put 10% more of the collagen in it. This raises the effectivity.
There are people who just look like they have the secret of eternal youth - and at the age of 60 or 70, too. How is this possible? The magic word for young skin is collagen. An extreme expanding protein in the connective tissue that makes the skin smoothly and firmly. Defective collagen though leads to crinkles, cellulite, saggy breasts, flabby skin and indentations.
The connective tissue of the skin is broken down and built back up in a continuous process running 24 hours a day. These skin processes are influenced by our diet. The synthesis (production) of collagen starts to slow down when we reach the age of 25 and is overtaken by the decomposition processes. "So it's important", say dermatologists, "to turn this process around. This means slowing down the decomposition process and providing massive support for the build-up process."

Collagen originates e.g., in the face under the epidermis, an absolutely firm, smooth layer which cushions pressure and even– if we laugh – elastic-like stretches, but it contracts to its original smoothness immediately.

Collagen type I acts like a lifting from the inside. In addition, our Collagen-Lift-Drink supplies you still with the collagen type II. This kind of collagen is immensely important for the strengthening and elasticity of the tendons and with it for a youthful appearance. Furthermore you need to know that  also a firm and "young" tendon structure is absolutely essential for a youthful appearance. The reason: Your find the muscular tissue on the tendons in our face. This is the support strength of the important subcutaneous fat.  And exactly this subcutaneous fat gives the face the bulging contours and with it a youthful appearance.  So if the vigour of the tendons decreases in old age and these descend, the musculature descends, too. In this way the contours become floppier and the so-called age face is "built".

You can counteract against these limpy contours with the collagen type II as it supports the vigour of the tendons and  strengthens them. The musculature with the subcutaneous fatty tissue becomes visibly  more distinctive and with it also the contours. The collagen type II supports the construction of a youthful physiognomy in the inside of the skin.

The recipe of the Collagen-Lift-Drink is rounded by the probably hottest Anti Aging news directly from Hollywood. Famous stars love the Goji berries from Tibet as a secret weapon against growing old. Even the bestselling author of the vitamin Bible, Dr. Earl Mindell says: "I think that the Goji berries from Tibet have more powerful advantages for the Anti-Aging than every other product which I have seen during the last 40 years."

The Goji berries belong to the fruits, which are the richest in nutrients of the world. The Hunzas become 100 years old on the average. They revere the berries so much that they hold even holidays to honour these berries.
In Central Asia the Goji berry is valid as a fruit of the longevity. The modern science is also interested in this "miracle berry". Older and newer investigations book the millennial call of the Goji berry than precious present of the nature. Among the rest, the Goji berry contains efficient antioxidants that can slow down the ageing process.

The drink is sweetened with stevia.  This plant is a pure sugar substitute, nearly without calories and it contains no sugar or artificial sugar. Stevia rebaudiana is a plant of South America and tastes sweet. Your teeths, blood sugar level and your figure will love stevia.

You need approx. 8 g collagenhydrolyzate daily to achieve an actual effect. This would be very difficult to realise with capsules because you would have to swallow vast amounts of it. That's why we offer pure collagenhydrolyzate as a highly concentrated powder. Therefore it is enough to give only 1 measuring spoon  into a glass of water and your organism will get approx. 9 g of this valuable substance daily. The drink, originated thereby has a delicious, fruity taste of currant.

10 g Collagen-Lift-Drink-powder contains: Hydrolysed collagen - 8,68 g, L-lysine - 3,5 mg, fisetin - 3,75 mg, vitamin C - 50 mg = 62*, vitamin E - 2,75 mg -TE = 23*, vitamin B6 - 0,55 mg = 39*, zinc - 1,5 mg = 15*, vitamin A - 800 μg RE = 100*, biotin - 40 μg = 80
* = % of the reference amount (NRV) based on the Food Information Regulations.

Directions for use: Give 10 g of powder (= 1 tablespoon) to a glass once daily, briefly stir with 10 ml (about 3 teaspoons) of water, and subsequently fill to about 100 ml. Stir briefly, done!

Information for diabetics:10 grams contain 0.8 bread unit.

Please note: Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a well-balanced and varied diet as well as a healthy life-style.

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from Chantal on 26.04.2018
Ich finde den geschmack echt super passt völlig zum Frühling sehr fruchtig!! Ab jetzt nur noch Erdbeere ein Traum!
from Jolanta on 25.05.2018
Ich liebe diese Geschmackssorte bitte nehmen Sie das bloß nicht aus dem Sortiment das ist genau meine Richtung! Nicht nur der Geschmack ist einzigartig, sondern auch die Wirkung! Meine Haut wirkt straffer und glatter bin echt super glücklich das es solche Produkte gibt Danke Danke Danke!
from Werner on 29.05.2018
Der Collagen-Lift Drink ist soooooo unbeschreiblich lecker. Den muss man einfach probieren. Erdbeere ist der Hammer. Und das fantastische ist, man sieht nach kurzer Zeit schon sichtbar eine Veränderung, die Haut ist straffer und man sieht einfach vitaler aus.
from Oxana on 30.05.2018
Ich habe meine Geschamcksrichtung gefunden! Super lecker
from Azra on 13.06.2018
Ich liebe die neue Geschmacksrichtung und meiner Haut tut es gut
from Henrike on 14.06.2018
Ich bedanke mich für Ihre tollen Produkte undd dieser fruchtigen neuen Geschmacksrichtung und meiner Haut tut es gut!
from Iris on 29.06.2018
ich liebe diesen Drink mittlerweile , er hilft echt gut meine Fältchen unter den Augen zu minimieren und schmeckt so lecker im Sommer auch mal mit milch oder mit gefrorenen Erdbeeren gekühlt . es ist meine Geschmacksrichtung
from Ulrike on 23.09.2018
Meine Haut sieht glatter und frischer aus. Sehr lecker und fruchtig im Geschmack.
from Petra on 06.10.2018
boah der ist lecker, ist ein muss!!
from Emma on 15.11.2018
Der Lifting Drink ist der absolute Hammer. Meine Kosmetikerin hat mich erstaunt gefragt was ich gemacht hätte. Meine Haut straff und prall.(bin ja mittlerweile schon über 60 ) für mich zusammen mit Hyarulonsäure MM und CBD Skin ein tägliches Muss!!
from Dorothea on 15.11.2018
Große Klasse. Spüre den Effekt am ganzen Körper!

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