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Original spirulets with barley grass

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1500 Spirulets

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1500 Spirulets

Base price: 7,30 € each 100 g



With this new product, we offer you a dietary supplement with a sensational triple effect, the like of which has never been seen before.

1.) Original Spirulettes with Barley Grass & Wheat Grass provide a giant cornucopia of essential natural compounds, supplying the body with vitamins, minerals, trace elements and much, much more.     

2.) Original Spirulettes with Barley Grass & Wheat Grass support the body’s own purification functions

3.) Original Spirulettes with Barley Grass & Wheat Grass foster the transport of oxygen around the whole of the body.

And all of this is hitherto unique, and it is vital for your health. But to understand why this is so immensely important for our bodies, let us delve into this subject a little more deeply.

Our body cells need nutrients in order to stay healthy, and we are all made up of around 100 trillion body cells. These have to function 24 / 7. If they don’t, we become ill. So if you fall ill, it is not really you that is ill but your body cells. And if your body cells don’t really function as they should, one frequent cause is that they are not being adequately supplied with nutrients. So you need vitamins, mineral, trace elements and so on in order to keep your body fit and well, since our body cells are rather like mini-factories. Each individual body cell, like every factory, needs fuel in order to function smoothly. Every engine needs fuel in order to run. And the fuel for our body cells are vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and so on...

But how do we get these essential nutrients? Generally speaking, through our food. But is the food we get today really still good enough. It is able to provide our bodies with enough of all the nutrients they need? The media give us some clue to the answer to that question. After all, think of all the reports about rotten meat being used in food, the antibiotics found in poultry meat or the eggs contaminated with herbicides. So it is clearly very difficult for us today to get the nutrients we need. We cannot even keep a proper check on what is actually in our food. However, and this is the good news: There are solutions.

If you are not one of those people who eat fresh, organically grown fruit and vegetables at least 5 times a day, there is reason to fear that you, too, could one day develop a form of malnutrition. In order to prevent this, we have now combined the most nutritious aquatic plant, i.e. spirulina, with the two most nutritious land plants, i.e. barley grass & wheat grass. Therefore, Original Spirulettes with Barley Grass & Wheat Grass provides you with an unprecedented supply of natural individual compounds. Each single tablet contains 100% natural vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and so on. Consequently, our new products keeps you supplied with vitamins, minerals, trace elements, secondary plant compounds, enzymes, amino acids and much, much more. That is unique! Never before has there been such combined force! With Spirulina platensis, barley grass and wheat grass, you can do the utmost for your health.

Original Spirulettes with Barley Grass & Wheat Grass also provide important tools that help the body to purify itself. And the self-cleansing process of the body is one of the keys to good health. For it is not only important to give the body the good things it needs, but also to enable it to get rid of all the things that are bad! All metabolism processes produce waste. This is rather like working in the kitchen. Whenever you cook, you always have some food waste, which you dispose of in the waste bin. But you don’t leave the waste standing around in the kitchen for weeks, months or even years. Most certainly not! You make sure that it gets taken out. And things are similar with your body!

Let us now turn our attention for a little to acids. Nearly all of us are over-acidified. That is solely the result of contaminants contained in foodstuffs, exhaust gases, acid rain, and stress. Someone who’s angry may say “I’m feeling sour”. And stress, in particular, produces sourness - i.e. acidity - in the body. And the problem is that the acidity in our bodies is in large part responsible for the development of the so-called “civilisation diseases”. It is said that illnesses such as cancer, rheumatism or asthma only arise in an acidic environment. Acids, therefore, are more than unhealthy for our bodies.

What is the opposite of acidic? Alkaline! Did you know that wheat grass is one of the most alkaline plants on our planet? Alkaline foodstuffs have the effect of neutralising acids. So your body is then no longer so massively exposed to harmful acids. That is one of the great things about them. However, our product can do even more. It also takes care of optimum transport of oxygen around our bodies. And why is that so important? Well, it’s quite simple. For the fact is that human beings can simply not survive without oxygen. Anyone who doesn’t believe it should try holding their breath for 30 seconds. Without oxygen, life is not possible. We constantly breathe in and out in order to keep our organs supplied with oxygen. Without it, our organs are unable to work. Our heart alone uses 60% of the oxygen we breathe in.

Our brain, too, along with all our cells, need lots of oxygen. Without oxygen, life is not possible. Barley grass is one of the most chlorophyll-rich plants on the plant. Chlorophyll is the substance that makes plants green. It is the green pigment of the plant kingdom. It is therefore also known as “green blood”. For chlorophyll has an unbelievable similarity with our human haemoglobin, the red pigment contained in our blood. And what does our red pigment do? It transports oxygen through our bodies. Into the very furthest corners. So the more chlorophyll we have in our bodies, the more oxygen can be taken in and transported. So consuming foodstuffs containing chlorophyll is the best and most natural way to support the optimum transport of oxygen around our bodies. Barley grass is an incredibly important substance for transporting oxygen and hence for our health.

Original Spirulettes with Barley Grass & Wheat Grass is a unique product as it allows you to supply your body with an incredible quantity of natural compounds such as vitamins, minerals or trace elements on a scale found in no other foodstuff in the world. It assist the complete purification system of the body and outstandingly supports the supply of fresh oxygen to your body cells. That is a genuine sensation. Original Spirulettes with Barley Grass & Wheat Grass can have an unbelievable range of positive effects on your body, and it would be a great pity if you could not experience these for yourself. We can recommend this product to the very best of our knowledge and belief. It is a phenomenal experience to discover what your body is capable of if you provide it with this wealth of high-quality nutrients and the corresponding oxygen.

So do your body and yourself a favour!

4 pellets contain: Spirulina platensis micro algae- 1200 mg, therefore vitamin B12 - 5,6 µg = 224*, barley grass powder- 600 mg, wheat grass powder- 600 mg.
* = % of the reference amount (NRV) based on the Food Information Regulations.

Recommended daily use: Please, consume daily in the morning, afternoon and in the evening 2 capsules with some liquid.

Please note: Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a well-balanced and varied food as well as a healthy life-style.

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from Nina on 15.05.2018
Ich liebe dieses Produkt, für einen perfekten Säure -Basenhaushalt und eine gesunde Darmflora - unser Hund liebt es auch und frisst die Tabletten als Leckerli - riecht lecker nach Alge. Hammer Produkt, ein Must have für die ganze Familie!
from Iris on 29.06.2018
ich nehme seit einem Jahr Spirulina und fühle mich seitdem so Fit nicht mehr ausgelaugt und müde und dann hilft es mir auch noch mein Sodbrennen loszuwerden . nie wieder ohne
from Monika on 20.07.2018
Nach nur 3 Tagen kann ich Erfolge vermelden.Durch die Spirulina habe ich mehr Kraft bekommen und meine Erschöpfung ist so gut wie weg. Ich beginne wieder meinen Haushalt selbst zu erledigen. Ich nehme nun noch CBD Öl und CBD Stem Complex ab morgen dazu. Wenn das keine Steigerung der Lebensqualität bedeutet.
from Katrin on 24.09.2018
Bin wirklich begeistert und kann die spiruletten nur empfehlen. Bin fit trotz Dauerstress und die Verdauung funktioniert endlich wieder super.
from Petra on 14.11.2018
mein tägliche einnahme.

ganz toll finde die schicke dose.
from Achim on 17.11.2018
Das sind so meine echten Highlights in meinen täglichen Leben. Seit ich die Original Spiruletten mit Gersten und Weizengras zu mir nehme könnte ich echt im warsten Sinne des Wortes "Bäume ausreisen" Ich möchte diese genialen Spiruletten nicht mehr missen. Kann ich jedem nur empfehlen.
from Sandra on 25.11.2018
Ich fühle mich seitdem fit und wohl. Tun mir sehr gut. Hab zum Beispiel kein Sodbrennen mehr. Und meine 2 Jährige Tochter liebt sie auch. Sie möchte jeden Tag eine!!! (Sie darf 1 Pressling.)

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