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CALCIUM + MAGNESIUM – HIGHLY DOSED has been added to the wish list.

CALCIUM + MAGNESIUM – HIGHLY DOSED added to your cart.


29,86 (VAT inclusive)

240 pellet

Base price: 12,44 € each 100 g

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240 pellet

Base price: 12,44 € each 100 g



Are you looking for a natural quality product, which is good for your bones, teeth, muscles and nerves? We got it!

This product is a high-class-product. It contains, in our mind, two of the most important essential minerals. According to the orthomolecular points, we added a lot of calcium and magnesium!
If you want to know why both substances are important for the body, we will give you the answer.
The human body mainly exists of protein and water. Nevertheless, magnesium and calcium give strength and firmness to our body.

Calcium is the mineral, that is most contained in the human body. We know that it is essential for our 215 bones and teeth and theirs maintenance. A sufficient availability of calcium is inevitable as our bones are a composite graft because of processes of degradation and constitution. However, it is also important for the blood clotting, our energy metabolism and muscle function. Calcium plays an important role for the digestion as it contributes to a normal function of the digestion hormones.
The EU commission has confirmed all effects and tasks of calcium in a list:

-    normal blood clotting
-    normal energy metabolism
-    normal muscle function
-    normal signal transduction between the nerve cells
-    normal function of digestions enzymes

Calcium is necessary for the maintenance of normal bones and teeth, the function of cell division and cell specialization.

Even magnesium has many different important functions in the body. Magnesium is an essential mineral for the normal muscle function. It supports the regulation of muscles and nervous system and reduces tiredness and fatigue. Most people do not know that magnesium is relevant for hundreds of different metabolism processes in our body. In this way it plays a role for the normal energy yielding and normal protein synthesis. Magnesium is important for the cell division, too.

-    reduction of tiredness and fatigue
-    normal energy metabolism
-    electrolyte balance
-    normal function of the nervous system
-    normal mental function
-    normal muscle function
-    normal protein synthesis
-    normal bones
-    normal teeth

Baised on this list we can see how important calcium and magnesium are for the body. Honestly, they are full of power. This is why we offer them combined in our recipe. As our body cannot produce them on its own, we have to care for a sufficient intake. In this way, every person should think of these both important minerals.
So we decided to offer both substances highly dosed as nutrition supplement under the aspect of the orthomolecular medicine. In this way, your body benefits from the high amount of both essential substances.

Do not waste your time if you want to supply your body with these two essential minerals. Use your chance and buy our new premium product “Calcium+Magnesium - highly dosed”.

4 pellets contain: Calcium – 1.500 mg = 187*, magnesium – 400 mg = 106*.
*= % of the reference amount (NRV) based on the Food Information Regulations.

Recommended daily use: Please consume daily two pellets in the morning and in the afternoon with a sufficient quantity of liquid. This makes 4 pellets per days.  If you have difficulties in swallowing because of the size of the pellet, please cut it into halves.

Information for diabetics: 4 pellets contain 0,12 bread unit.

Please note: Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a well-balanced and varied diet as well as a healthy life-style.

Orthomolecular medicine: The orthomolekulare science – derived from the Greek word "ortho" (= right) and the Latin word "molekula" (= small measures / parts) - assumes from the beginning that the health of the person is influenced by a certain balance of micronutrients and macronutrients in the body. To keep this balance and to guarantee it, the focus of the orthomolecular medicine is to consume the “right particles” (nutrients) and dosage of the recommended diet.

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from Fabian on 09.10.2017
jeden Abend 2 Stück und ich habe selten Muskelkater, endlich mal etwas gutes gegen den elenden Muskelkater ;)
from Marta on 24.01.2018
Ich habe immer Beschwerden mit meinen Knochen bis ich die hochdosierten Presslinge probiert habe! Sie unterstützen mir bei Erhalt der Knochen sowie meiner Müdigkeit! Klasse.
from Kim on 14.02.2018
Mein Arzt hat festgestellt das ich einen Calcium-Mangel habe. Nach regelmäßiger einnamhe stieg der Calcium Wert! Ich bin überrascht..
from Marley on 08.03.2018
ich liebe das Produkt!! Die einzige hochdosierte Marke die wenigsten was bieten kann statt die Drogerieprodukte. Man zahlt zwar paar Euros mehr jedoch sieht und fühlt man den Unterschied! Ich werde weiter bei Ihnen Bestellen!
from Jürgen on 29.05.2018
Seitdem ich dieses Magnesium nehme, habe ich zum einen absolut keine Muskelkrämpfe mehr während, bzw. nach meinen Joggingläufen. Und zum anderen auch keine Magen- Darmprobleme, wenn ich mal etwas mehr zu mir nehme, wie bei vielen anderen Magensiumprodukten anderer Hersteller.

Ein tolles Gefühl wenn man bei Laufen weiß, dass kein Krampf mehr kommen kann!
from Francesca on 22.09.2018
Ich hatte vorher immer Krämpfe in den Beinen und wenn ich lange sitzen musste sind meine Beine eingeschlafen. Seit ich Magnesium und Calcium hochdosiert nehme habe ich das nicht mehr.
from Annette on 23.09.2018
Meine 91jährige Mutter hatte in der Nacht ständig Krämpfe.Nach einer Woche Mg Ca sind die Krämpfe verschwunden.Wunderbar
from Johann on 08.11.2016
Tausend Dank für dieses Produkt! Meinen Knochen geht es bestens. Super Super Super
from Daniela on 25.08.2017
Tut mir sehr gut. Kann jetzt wieder lange Distanzen joggen

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