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Turmeric plus

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270 Capsules

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Turmeric plus - 270 capsules


These descriptions definitely apply to our “Turmeric plus” product, but they also apply just as much to “Die Aptheken Umschau”, Germany’s most widely read health magazine”!

And what this health magazine, with its easily understood scientific content and generally cautious approach, has to say about turmeric is more exciting than any thriller. It writes: Turmeric, which also goes by other names, is referred to by many as a “magic root” or the "spice of life". The reason is that this plant, which originates from the Far East, is said to have all manner of healing powers. While turmeric, which is also known as curcuma, has been in use as a healing plant in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years, people in Germany are familiar with it primarily as a spice. Turmeric is one of the main components of curry powder and is what gives this mix of spices its typical colour.

“Scientists, on the other hand, examine the substance in the laboratory. Time and again, they publish results that are astonishing. Turmeric is reported to protect against Alzheimer’s disease, help against inflammation, relieve gastrointestinal problems and even prevent cancer.

“One of those scientists is Professor Jan Frank of the Institute of Biological Chemistry and Nutritional Science at Hoheim University. Together with researchers at the Universities of Frankfurt, Kiel and Jena, he concerns himself with the medical effects of turmeric. ‘We know from laboratory trials, for example, that turmeric possesses cancer-inhibiting properties,’ Professor Frank states. In other experiments, the plant material was found to prevent certain protein complexes from being deposited in the brain. These complexes may be involved in the genesis of Alzheimer’s.

“Researchers have known for some considerable time that turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties. A number of small studies indicate that given in high doses, turmeric extract may have a positive effect on ulcerative colitis. But also in the case of inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, turmeric is highly efficacious. The spice plant is probably best-known, though, for its digestion-promoting effects. Among other things, the substances contained in it stimulate the liver to increase the secretion of bile acids. These bond to fats in the nutrition and make the fat digestible. In this way, turmeric alleviates flatulence and feelings of bloat.”

All this is as reported in Die Apotheken Umschau. It is a fact that in the traditional medicine of many Far Eastern countries, turmeric is prescribed for a very wide range of illnesses – an approach that has meanwhile been confirmed by numerous research results. For turmeric has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects and can therefore be used in the treatment of almost every chronic health problem (or its prevention) – be it diseases of the lungs, intestinal conditions, liver problems, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, inflammation of the joints, or cancer.

Numerous studies have shown that turmeric is just as effective in the body against inflammatory conditions as are many within the body as many pharmaceutical medications such as hydrocortisone, phenylbutazone (a drug to relieve rheumatic pain, but with such strong side-effects that it is now only rarely prescribed), aspirin and ibuprofen – though without their harmful side effects.

The powerful antioxidant effect of turmeric also prevents the oxidation of cholesterol. And cholesterol only becomes really dangerous when it oxidises, as it is only then that it causes damage to the blood vessels and so fosters the development of arteriosclerosis.

Various studies also allow the conclusion that turmeric has a general protective function against many respiratory disorders. The mode of action can presumably be explained by the powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant potential.

As turmeric is a fat-soluble nutrient, it is generally only poorly absorbed in the human gut. In order to make use of the full health potential of this fantastic natural substance, therefore, we have enhanced our Turmeric Capsules with our Biosystem technology. This ensure significantly better bio-availability. Try the capsules for yourself. You will be thrilled!

3 capsules contain: Turmeric - 180 mg, Vitamin C - 80  mg = 100*, Zinc - 10 mg = 100*, Piperine - 15 mg.
* = %  of the reference amount (NRV) based on the Food Information Regulations.

Recommended consumption: Take one capsule every morning, midday and evening with some liquid.

Information for diabetics: 3 capsules contain 0.18 bread unit.

Please note: Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a well-balanced and varied food as well as a healthy life-style.

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