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Vitamin cure for women

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180 pellet

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180 pellet

Base price: 18,28 € each 100 g

Vitamin cure for woman - 180 pellets

Worldwide the first cure with fresh cells without injection

This is no usual product of vitamins off the rack, do not think so! Our vitamin cure for women is the most innovative nutrition supplement in this time which is specially geared for women´s organism and her wishes!

„Vitamin“, stems from Vita and this means life. What do we connect with life? Exactly with this, we connect energy, power and youthful beauty! Ability without restriction! Powerful, shiny hair, rosy skin full of tone. Great look!

Natural beauty always comes from inside. In need you can retouch a little bit from outside but basic for good looking have to be taken in your body. Exquisite vitamins and herbal substances could help to lift our fascia, support circulation of our skin (to remove impurities!) make our hair shiny and curb our fat tissue.

All vitamins and minerals for fascia, fat tissue, hair and skin are in place in „Vitaminkur Frau“ from Natura Vitalis, this in the highest pharmacological quality specially geared for the female body and bioavailable in an optimal way.

But this is just not enough for us. We have searched deeply and looking forward to offer you this product especially for female beauty and health with true marvel substances wild yams, red clover and linolic acid.

Wild yams by itself is a sensation. This really exciting plant produces diosgenin- and this diosgenin is basis for our most  interesting anti-aging-hormone, the DHEA. DHEA is considered worldwide as fountain of youth. It reduces complaints of old age, decreases danger of illnesses and let you seem younger in just a short time. A variety clinical studies proves its effect even at challenges with blood pressure and metabolism. In general you can slow down the aging process with DHEA und stay young and healthy for a long time.

Wild yams gets strengthening of red clover, another magic plant for women. We know of red clover that it can improve complexion in shortest time and helps getting over problems of menopause.

You can turn back time in short time and whip your look AND your organism into shape and taper it for years. The additional energy will inspire you and compliments from your friends will conjure a smile on your face. Honestly: you have deserved it! You worked so hard, now it is time for deigning! The premium recipe of our vitamin cure comes right so that your hair is plenteous and shiny and your skin stays rosy and keeps it´s tone.

But there is more to come, because your health is near and dear to us. That is the reason why we have incorporated many more vitamins and minerals which do not only support your metabolism (with a special view on typical female challenges!) but also strengthen your bone structure. A special treated calcium strengthen skeleton and prevents decreased bone density. Immune system will be promoted by trace elements, b-vitamins strengthen your mind.

2 pellets contain: Vitamin A - 480 µg RE = 60*, thiamin - 8,8 mg = 800*, riboflavin - 8,4 mg = 600*, pantothenic acid - 24 mg = 400*, vitamin B6 - 8,4 mg = 600*, biotin - 200 µg = 400*, folic acid - 200 µg = 100*, vitamin B12 - 10 µg = 400*, vitamin C - 80 mg = 100*, vitamin D3 - 5 µg = 100*, vitamin E - 12 mg TE = 100*, vitamin K2 - 75 µg = 100*, copper - 1.120 µg = 112*, selenium - 110 µg = 200*, zinc - 11,2 mg = 112*, chrome - 42 µg = 105*, calcium – 121 mg = 15*, other plant substances - 160 mg.
* = % of the reference amount (NRV) based on the Food Information Regulations.

Recommended daily use: Please consume daily 2 pellets in the morning and evening with a sufficient quantity of liquid.

Information for diabetics: 2 pellets contain 0.08 bread unit.

Please note: Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a well-balanced and varied food as well as a healthy life-style.

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from Christine on 28.10.2018
Gutes Produkt. Ich nehme täglich, Sommer wie Winter, Vitamin C 1000g und mache 2 x im Jahr zusätzlich die Vitaminkur. Ich bin aufnahme- und leistungsfähiger und fühle mich fit wenn ich die Kapseln nehme.
from Ute on 18.12.2015
Ich bin in den Wechseljahren und nehme die Kur gerne unterstützend zu Woman No1. Einfach spitze.
from Hilde on 08.01.2016
Einfach Super !
from Hannelore on 05.02.2016
Gutes Produkt. Ich nehme es persönlich sehr gerne seit ich in den
Wechseljahren bin und habe das Gefühl, dass es in Kombination mit Woman No1
sehr effektiv ist.
from Hermine on 24.02.2016
Vitaminkur für die Frau ist eine tolle Erfindung.
from Sven on 09.03.2016
Ich bin sehr zufrieden und nehme die Kapseln wie empfohlen und komme damit
sehr gut über den Tag.
from Kordula on 30.03.2016
Ich bin seit einiger Zeit sehr schlapp und antriebslos. Nach einer Kontrolle
bei meinem Hausarzt wurde klar das ich akuten Vitaminmangel habe. Er empfahl
mit Ihr Produkt und ich bin sehr zufrieden und mein Antrieb kommt langsam
from Hannelore on 18.04.2016
Ich werde oft auf mein Alter angesprochen und gefragt, wie ich mich so gut
gehalten hätte. Meine Antwort ist immer gleich: Nehmt die Produkte von
Natura Vitalis und auch die speziell für die Frau, dann könnt Ihr auch so
aussehen. Danke für alles. Ich bin total überzeugt von Ihren Produkten.
from Yasemin on 19.12.2016
Meine Mutter nimmt die Kur seit 2 Monaten und fühlt sich seitdem um einiges besser.
from Uschi on 29.06.2017
Habe oft mit Depressionen zu kämpfen aber damit geht es mir schon viel besser
from Jennifer on 21.07.2017
Bin mehr als zufriden mit dem Produkt, Tolle Zusammensetzung

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